Air Technical Industries finds ergonomic answer to lessen customer strain and fatigue

by | Apr 17, 2014 | Industrial Equipment | 0 comments

Customer looking to better handle lightweight parts that are stacked in container. Their application involves a container being dropped off at their work station. Then the worker has to remove all the parts to separate them into 3 different components. This is causing back strains and fatigue as they are bending, lifting, and twisting during the entire process. ATI found solution with their Zero-Low Crate Positioner. This solution not only improved the workers productivity, but also lessened the workers complaints of back strains.

The Zero-Low Crate Positioner has a capacity of 250 pounds to 4000 pounds. Up to 60 degrees tilt and raise crate to different working heights. The retaining plate is adjustable to different heights; when table is tilted up to 60 degrees, the load is at proper level for easy access by the user. The versatility of this unit allows the tilted material to always be at a ergonomic position for the user. The Zero-Low Crate Positioner serves as an economical “lift” table. Designed to lift loads up to 36 inches without costly scissor lift mechanisms. It lowers to zero ground level for easy loading. When the deck of the Zero-Low Crate Positioner in the lowered position it is very low profile for easy loading with a two wheel dolly or pallet truck.

By coming to ATI for their solution. The customer not only lessened their workers injuries, but they were able to make the application more productive and efficient.