ATI’S NEW Mobile Crane: Port-O-Giant

by | Jul 11, 2014 | News | 0 comments

Air Technical Industries, Inc. has developed the Port-O-Giant Mobile Crane with special features to provide increased lift height and available features for outdoor use or hazardous applications. The crane can be folded or disassembled for easy transportation, storage and movement into crowded areas for on the spot handling, can be put on cargo elevators or it can be used on top of buildings. The crane is equipped with a hydraulic winch to lift and lower the loads from the top of the building to ground level or to work below ground level.

Port-O-Giant galvanized

The capacity is 6000 lbs with the boom retracted, 3000 lbs capacity with the boom extended and 1000 lbs capacity with the goose-neck attachment. Lifting height is 150” with boom retracted, 216” with the telescopic boom extended and 288” with adjustable goose-neck boom at maximum height. The mobile crane is battery powered, self propelled, 24volts DC with variable speed control. Steering is 90 degrees to left and right for sharp turns. The load wheels are 16” OD mold-on rubber installed on roller bearings for smooth and easy mobility. The unit may be equipped with power telescopic boom, hydraulic winch cable lift, and powered mast rotation. All functions are hydraulically operated.

The crane is built for heavy duty industrial applications and is welded steel construction for long lasting tough applications. The crane may also be hot-dip galvanized for excellent corrosion resistance. The drive unit is available in an EE rated model and the power components may be installed 18” above floor level for sensitive aerospace applications. The entire unit may be compressed air powered hydraulic operation (yes, even the drive unit!) for extremely hazardous operations.

The crane is ideal for medical loading, truck loading, assembly works, maintenance and repair operations, transporting long bundles of material, or service work in the field. It is an all around heavy handling machine that will make any heavy handling job easier.