Container and Pallet Tilter

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments

Tilt-Master Container Tilter

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a NEW container and pallet tilter.

The unique feature of this product is its low profile forks that can slide under a pallet, container, or skid and then tilt from zero degrees to 90 degrees or to whatever tilt angle needed. The full back up late prevents parts or boxes from sliding when the pallet is tilted. These features allow for easy unloading of a container without the operator having to bend over or reach to lift parts or boxes. This capability saves time, improves performance, eliminates back injuries and reduces fatigue.The unit is installed on roller bearing wheels for easy mobility and the tow handle is used for pushing the unit around and can fold out of the way when unit is in use.

Tilting is hydraulically actuated and the power source can be a manual hand pump, battery powered via 12 volts DC or electrically powered via 110 volts AC single phase or 220/440 volts 3-phase. Control for power up and down is push button operated.

This heavy duty ruggedly constructed unit is available in 2,000 and 4,000 lb. capacities. The forks are 36″ long and lower down to 3.5″. The unit can also be installed as a stationary unit without wheels which will lower the forks down to only 2″ off the ground.

The new container tilter will help increase productivity and profits, save time and improve safety all while reducing fatigue and boosting morale.