Ergo-PAD Tandem Lift Table with Walk-behind Drive

by | May 16, 2024 | Industrial Equipment, News | 0 comments

Ergo-PAD Tandem Lift Table with Walk-behind Drive

by | May 16, 2024

Lift and transport large items or use as a mobile assembly line

Mentor, Ohio May 16, 2024 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of the Ergo-PAD (Portable Assembly Device), an over-sized tandem-style hydraulic lift table with a self-propelled walk-behind drive unit. This innovative combination of material handling technology provides for lifting, positioning, and transporting long materials or sheets as well as complete product assemblies throughout a facility.

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Ergo-PAD Self-propelled Tandem Lift Table

Take your assembly line with you rather than lifting and transporting products. Popularly utilized as a portable assembly line, production processes can be streamlined by eliminating the need for expensive and inflexible floor-based moving assembly lines, overhead cranes, or forklifts to move a product from one work station to the next.


Reduce carbon output with the electric, fume-free design. Lift and drive systems are self-contained and battery operated requiring no electrification system or dragging of cords. Typical units are 24VDC powered with high-capacity battery banks sized to sustain a full-shift of work between charges. Available on-board battery chargers are fuss-free, pre-wired and only require a standard 120VAC 3-prong outlet to charge on-demand – just plug it in! Hydraulic lifting action is quiet and smooth yet also powerful and economical. Where many other lift tables are stationary, this one can drive itself.


The drive is controlled by a walk-behind tiller handle similar to a powered pallet jack, offering fully variable speed control, dead-man (stop on release) disengagement, safety belly switch, horn, and lift controls on handle. A remote tethered pendant for lifting action is also supplied so height adjustments can be made by the operator at the workstation rather than having to walk over to the tiller handle. ATI also offers more advanced drive systems that are remote controlled and built-in to the lift frame, with powered steering enabling tethered or wireless drive control for unique maneuverability or other special circumstances.


The lifts are fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of the application. This may involve simple modifications like to size and capacity, however the possibilities are endless. As a mobile workstation or assembly line, the lift systems can be equipped with mounting provisions to attach products or fixtures. They can include auxiliary power outlets providing convenient access for power tools. Drawers or trays can be incorporated into the lift platform or frame to facilitate kitting or tool storage. Additionally, the ergonomic design allows operators to lift the table to comfortable positions at adjustable heights.


Safety features include a robust 3:1 structural safety factor, often exceed by the heavy-duty construction of ATI products. A hydraulic pressure relief valve prevents over-loading. Hydraulic safety features available are velocity fuses to prevent the lift from collapsing in the event of a hydraulic failure. Accordion style safety skirts protect the operator from pinch-points inherent in the scissors mechanisms. And if configured as a mobile work platform, lift platforms can be supplied with OSHA-compliant guard rails and a non-slip deck surface.


Tandem lift systems with over-sized platforms are available in sizes from 36” x 120” up to 72” x 240” with custom sizes available. More compact traditional and floor level lifts are available with platform sizes as small as 18” x 36”. Vertical lift capabilities can easily accommodate ergonomic working heights and larger models can raise as much as 5 to 6 feet high. Lift capacities range from 500 pounds to 50,000 pounds and everything in between.


The new Self-Propelled Tandem Lift Table (Ergo-PAD) solutions from Air Technical Industries are versatile and flexible to fit the needs of any user and their specific requirements. Whether needed to simply transport large bundles from one end of the factory to the other, or to revolutionize a lean and modern mobile assembly line process, these lifts are the answer. Companies can streamline and improve productivity by improving safety, saving time through reduction of wasted motion, reducing dependence on fork trucks, and making the job easier for operators.

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