Heavy-duty, self-propelled line of Reversible Boom Cranes

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments

Heavy-Duty Reversible Boom Crane

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio USA (ATI), announces the introduction of three new models of heavy-duty, counter-balanced, mobile hydraulic cranes in 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 pound capacities.

By popular demand, ATI is now making heavier capacities. The company is currently manufacturing smaller units in capacities of 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, and 6,000 lbs., however, those did not suffice for some industrial, construction, and maintenance uses.

The new heavy-duty units are self-propelled and battery operated, equipped with variable speed drives for propulsion making it capable of very slow speeds of only 10″ per minute for precision positioning or fine alignment. Then it can speed up to 4 mph. The steering control handle swings 90° to the left and right for turning sharp corners. The control handle is also equipped with an emergency automatic reverse feature. In addition, the unit has an automatic brake–when the handle is released, the safety brake is activated. Further, if the handle is pushed excessively up or down, the brake is activated to ensure safety.

The units are built to be very narrow at only 34″ wide for ease of passage through narrow doorways, aisles, or between machinery, making it versatile and maneuverable. The lifting action as well as the powered telescopic boom ins hydraulically operated for smooth and quick operation. The hydraulic system has a built-in safety relief valve to prevent overloading.

There is an optional winch cable lift available that is also hydraulically operated for working below ground level such as inside manholes or working on lower levels of building or on mezzanines.

The most desirable feature of the Reversible Boom Crane is the 82″ clear reach of the boom beyond its wheels when extended in addition to the lifting height of 128″ with boom retracted and 170″ with the boom fully extended. The rated capacities are based on the unit with the boom fully retracted while capacities drop by 50% when the boom is fully extended.

The units are built of heavy-duty steel construction for heavy industrial use, yet are very maneuverable and agile. The mobility is further enhanced by roller-bearing-equipped, polyurethane wheels for smooth, quiet operation that will also protect floors.

The new cranes are ideal for so many applications where heavy industrial maintenance and mobility are required such as. . .in lifting and removing heavy motors, compressors, boilers, air conditioning units, removing large flywheels, installing heavy molds and dies, machine feeding of heavy parts, assembly work, aircraft maintenance, removing and installing jet engines, construction on mechanical structure erection and so on.

The new Reversible Boom Lift will increase productivity, performance, improve safety, and make the job easier.