Hydraulic Knuckle Krane

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments

Truck Mounted Knuckle Crane

The hydraulic KNUCKLE KRANE is available in 2000, 4000, and 6000 lb. capacities with powered options.

The heavy-duty hydraulic truck mounting crane can revolve 360° on its vertical axis. The unique knuckle boom with telescopic extension makes this crane extremely versatile. It can reach over, beyond, and beneath its own base mount.

This articulating unit is able to load, lift, and precisely position awkward loads of parts, cartons, pallets, or lay pipes into pits safely and efficiently.

The push button remote control permits the operator to be with the load to line it up precisely or be away from the unit yet have full control at his fingertips.

Fully extended boom reach is 144″ on KK-2000, 172″ on KK-4000, and 200″ on KK-6000, with a maximum lift height 16′ on KK-2000, 19′ on KK-4000, and 20′ on KK-6000 units.

All functions of the crane: A) Boom Lift, B) 360° Rotation, C) Knuckle Action, and D) Telescopic Boom Action are hydraulically operated for smooth efficient operation.

The power may be electric 110V or 230/460V 3-phase, gasoline engine, or by truck engine via PTO power take off.

This crane is built of heavy duty welded steel construction for industrial or construction use. Many times cranes are used in assembly lines for heavy installations, machine loading, feeding, heat treating, forging, and most of the time for truck loading and unloading. This is an efficient piece of equipment at an affordable price.