Automotive Manufacturing and Service

ATI manufactures custom tooling lifts, work positioning equipment, and products that aid in plant maintenance, production efficiency, testing, and assembly line support. Our clients include manufacturing plants as well as Tier 1 suppliers.

We can manufacture unique pieces of equipment for very specific needs, as well as custom and modified equipment, and standard products. We’re a one-stop shop for lifting equipment in the automotive industry.

Specific Automotive Manufacturing and Service projects have included:

ATI has designed a unique short RBC-4000-SPBW Reversible Mobile Self-Propelled Crane for major car and truck manufacturers. The crane can be used at any time, in any place on the engine assembly line when engine blocks must be pulled off the line. By keeping the line in motion, this provides continuity in the process without losing productivity. The unit design includes a Telescopic Vertical Mast; Triple Section Telescopic Boom and boom rotation, and infinitely variable travel speed control.
Our Zero Low Lift and Tilt is used on the assembly line to lift containers full of parts and then tilt to the desired position so that the assembler does not have to bend and reach. The parts are conveniently placed to be reached at one’s fingertips. This will increase efficiency, save time, reduce fatigue of workers, and improve safety.
Assembling dashboards, control panels, and wiring harnesses makes it easy and convenient with the Scissor Lift and Tilt Assembly Table. This unit can lift from 8” to 48” height to position item to desired height. Convenient for assembly, the unit has a low back up plate to prevent parts from sliding off the lift. At the proper position, the worker has a perfect view of the work performed without bending, kneeling, squatting, or reaching. The Lift and Tilt Tables help workers stand straight and stay safe.
ATI’s Scissor Lift Table with a rotating deck and roller conveyor installed on the unit helps to receive containers at a low level, and then raise to the desired height. The transfer is either straight line or a reverse in direction, at a higher level or a turn left or right. Rotation capability is 360° manual or power rotation.
We produce a wide variety of mobile hydraulic cranes used by automotive service companies to remove and install the engines and transmissions out of cars and large trucks. Units are available manually operated, lift hydraulic and propulsion, as well as battery operated lift and propulsion. AC powered are available as well, ranging from 1000 lbs. capacity and up to 10,000 lbs., and a lifting height from 8′ up to 18′ height.