ATI works with its construction customers to accommodate special compliance requirements implemented on construction sites. We can also provide a variety of equipment that contracts are able to install for their end users, such as dock lifts. ATI understands the high-demand requirements of construction projects, and is able to customize equipment for high-speed applications, or build in unique safety features for atypical uses of the equipment, such as preventing a mobile crane from rolling off an open ledge of a high-rise building.

Specific construction projects have included:

The special articulating truck-mounted Knuckle Crane has a wide variety of applications in construction. The knuckle boom retracts and folds with a telescopic boom, making it a small package that saves space. When deployed with the knuckle boom in near vertical position, it provides a high head room, and in horizontal position, telescoped out, provides a long reach. With the knuckle lowered, the boom can reach down to below the ground level. The mast rotation is 360° and the most common use is loading and unloading delivery trucks. Many times this equipment is used to provide maintenance tasks on other construction equipment.
Our Pick Up Crane for pick-up trucks is light, compact, and easily installed and removed off the truck when not used. It has a 360° rotation and manual on powered winch. Vertical mast extension is available to increase the under boom height to 2, 3, 4, or 5 feet.
Scissor type Maintenance Lifts come in a variety of sizes and lifting heights. Deck sizes range from 32” x 60” up to 48” X 120” and lifting heights 12′ up to 46′ height. Widely used by mechanical contractors, and professionals in heating, air conditioning, plumbing, ceiling, installation, maintenance, and repairs. Unit available manually propelled, self propelled and, for rough terrain, track type propulsion.
ATI’s Super Master with fully articulating Manipulator and Spreader has 4 large vacuum cups, and is an ideal tool for large windows and curtain wall installations in high rise buildings. The unit is compact, and foldable outriggers can be put on elevators for transfer to higher floors. The articulation can pick up large plate glass 4′ or 5′ wide x 8-10-12 long from a horizontal position and then raise it, roll it into position where the plate is in line with boom, push it through the opening of the window, then up pivot upright and install glass from the outside in. It takes 3 to 5 min per plate, and does it safely.
Our Large Knuckle Crane is installed on a low profile track under dozer undercarriages for outdoor rough terrain use. The articulating boom has 360° rotation, 6000 lbs. capabilities with boom retracted, and extended can lift up to 35′ height. Unit is available with clean air, quiet operations, electric battery powered, and radio remote control for all functions. You can actually operate it from a rocking chair on your porch with a pop in your hand!