Food Manufacturing

ATI manufactures standard equipment meeting safety guidelines from a sanitation standpoint. Our equipment is used for common placelifting and positioning of materials. We provide equipment made with stainless steel construction, non-corrosive materials, electro-mechanical operation, washdown (NEMA 4), non-toxic hydraulic fluid, and FDA-compliant paint coatings.

Specific Food Department projects have included:

ATI provides many different pieces of equipment for the process of lifting, handling, dumping, and feeding. For example, the Low Profile Zero Low Lift, for palletizing and transporting, includes a lift table, which is raised to waist height, allowing the operator to stock boxes on the lift. It then lowers a box height for the next row so that the operator never has to bend down and reach. It allows work at a convenient height, increasing efficiency and improving safety.
Our Upender Inverter is used by the food industry to invert a loaded damaged pallet and remove it. A new or different pallet can be installed in 2 minutes, without time wasted reloading and re-stacking the entire load manually. In the frozen food industry, the Upender Inverter is used to rotate the load 90° on its side to remove the freezer honeycombed sheets. This saves time and food waste.