From the federal government to municipal governments, ATI is proud to supply standard and custom products to serve the needs of each level of government. On the federal level, we provide equipment used for aircraft maintenance, dock cranes/lifts, barge cranes, marine cranes, and equipment designed for extreme environments. On the local level, we supply public utilities such as water and sewer utilities with power generators and other equipment, and we work with the postal service to meet their needs and increase efficiency and productivity.

Specific government projects have included:

ATI shipped 340 of their V-MasterTCranes in order to provide a solution for Lockheed Martin, who is under contract with the U.S. Postal Service for a piece of equipment that is user-friendly, compact and can lift up to 1,000 lbs. of load. The V-MasterT Crane categorically meets every requirement as it weighs only 150 lbs. but can lift 1,000 lbs., up to 8 feet high at the main lifting hook. This impressive strength-to-weight ratio is achieved by constructing the crane of prime grade structural tubing. The result is a very light and maneuverable, user-friendly crane that can be disassembled in just 2 minutes and uses only 2 square feet of floor space when stored! The multi-purpose functionality of the crane allows for maximized output.

ATI helped a major urban transit authority face the daunting, everyday task of removing motors from beneath subway cars in order to rebuild the units. ATI’s engineers decided that the units needed to be upended mechanically to eliminate the chances of crews being injured by a motor that might break loose from their grasps while being tilted. ATI engineers wanted to limit the amount of physical contact workers would have with the motors in order to ensure worker safety. After the upending part of the operation was easily solved, the ATI engineers still needed to address the problem of how to allow crew members to remove the armature end bearing. To allow for this, engineers designed a Zero-Low Upender/Positioner with modified retaining plate. The retaining plate was cut by ATI fabricators with a round, open end, fifteen inches in diameter. After tilting the motor 90 degrees on its side, the bottom of the motor would be exposed and Transit Authority crew members could work on the bottom of the motor to remove the armature end-bearing.