ATI manufactures non-hazardous air powered equipment, Class I, Division I and II equipment, EE-rated and intrinsically-safe equipment, dock equipment, and drum handling. Many of our pieces are custom-made as well as standard, and are air-powered, using no electricity or electrical components. Our clients include manufacturers of petrochemicals as well as manufacturers that use petroleum projects.

Specific Petrochemical projects have included:

Our Large Port-O-Giant Crane is an air-powered, spark-proof mobile crane galvanized to prevent corrosion. It is equipped with a hydraulic telescoping boom and goose neck attachment for lifting, assembly, and maintenance work. It can be controlled with a remote air-pneumatic push button, providing convenient ergonomic operation with no electrical wiring.
ATI’s Scissor-Type Maintenance Lift is air-over-hydraulic powered and operated for hazardous applications. A variety of sizes and lifting heights is available.
Our Extra Large Tandem Scissor Lift was used on top of flat bed truck to feed insulation materials on exposed pipeline for wrapping and installing insulation on the Alaskan Pipeline
Our Truck Crane was used for pipeline installation, maintenance, and for exploration related to a special project.