Lift & Tilt table helps in Automatic Processing

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments

Zero-Low Lift and Tilt for Auto Processing

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio was recently able to help a customer by designing equipment that would automatically increase productivity, efficiency and profits by becoming an integral part of the plant’s operation.

The customer needed a lift table that could be raised up and tilted in order to receive thin sheets of cut foam from a slitter process and automatically stack up to 60 inches high. The requirement for the process was that the system needed to be automatic. Air Technical Industries was able to design a table that would receive each sheet and lower automatically to be ready for the next sheet to slide on.

Air Technical Industries supplied their customer with a 4,000 pound capacity Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Table. This unit was designed for instances just like this one in which a work line needs an adjustable height platform that can be lowered directly to the ground for easy loading and unlading with a standard pallet truck.

Engineers at Air Technical Industries equipped the table with an automatic height gauge. This gauge would “see” when a sheet was slid onto the table and then lower the table slightly to get ready for the next sheet. When the table was full, the process would stop, the table would lower flush to the ground, and could then be unloaded.

Unloading is no problem because the Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Table is designed with a lowered height of less than one inch and a beveled edge for easy, roll-on loading.

In addition, the unit is powered by a 5HP, 3-phase, 480 volt motor and the lifting motion of the Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Table is activat4d by precision built hydraulic cylinders with chrome plated shafts for smooth operation. This table is equipped with push button operation but is also available in a foot pedal variety.

By helping to efficiently handle the sheets of foam in this customer’s plant with the Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Table, Air Technical Industries shows again that with material handling equipment, productivity can always be increased. Air Technical Industries’ sales consultants are happy to listen to any situation and to provide innovative solutions to individual customer needs.