Why I Love Selling for Air Technical Industries

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Industrial Equipment | 0 comments

I sell hydraulic lift tables, all types of cranes, pallet inverters, fork lift attachments, and self propelled cranes and lift tables. They are made right here in Mentor, Ohio by American workers. Every sale I make, I know that I’m keeping 40 people working here in Ohio. I also know I’m sending a machine to help another company with their manufacturing needs and keeping their workers safe and efficient. I love selling for Air Technical Industries and am proud to say I am going on to my seventh year with this company. With ATI I talk to CEOs, secretaries, engineers, and foremen. I help them solve problems and keep people safe. Its my opinion that nothing happens in business without a salesperson selling an idea or product or a solution. You have to be smart, attentive and able to relate to all kinds of people. Everybody sells in some way or another, to get through life, to make friends, get a date, get a job, get an extra cookie from mom. I love selling our product and solving other peoples problems, THAT is what we do here. My dad sold, my grandfather sold. They taught me that the best sales job you can have is when you love and believe in the products your selling. At ATI, WE ALL believe in our product and relish the opportunity to help our clients.

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