Mini-Scissor Lift Table

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments


Mini Scissor Lift announcement

A new miniature series of lift tables has been developed by Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio. The unique and compact lift table lowers down to 4″ and is electro-mechanically operated. The gearbox-driven screw lifts gently, smoothly, and firmly up to 250 pounds of load.

The small scissor lift featured in the picture is 15″ wide x 19″ long x 4″ lowered height and it lifts up to 16″. Other sizes are available from 18, 20, and 24 inches wide and 24, 30, 36, and 48″ in length, and vertical lift from 12″ up to 32″ in height.

Power source can be 12 or 24 volt DC battery operated or 110 volts single phase. Rocker switch remote control, and optional adjustable limit collars are available.

The construction is welded structural steel. It is also available in stainless steel and aluminum construction for non-corrosive applications or where lighter weight may be needed.