Mini Upender Inverter

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a NEW Mini Upender Inverter, box, container, or parts inverter. It’s small, strong, smart and very efficient; it turns things upside down effortlessly.

Mini Upender Inverter

The 180-degree rotation and clamping features are all electro mechanically operated, no hydraulic, no leaks. The unit can be PLC controlled for automatic operation and it can be programmed for stops at 90-degrees or 180-degrees and auto-clamping. The power source is 110 volts AC or, 12 or 24 volts DC and it comes standard with push button operated remote control.

The capacity is 250 pounds and the smallest unit has a platform size of 15″x19″ with an opening of 16″, and the largest Mini Upender Inverter is 24″ wide x 48″ deck size. There are five standard models available in different size ranges.

The unit can be equipped with conveyors for easy loading and unloading and it can be loaded from the front or either side to be integrated into production line.

The unit has a streamlined design, and is fabricated of welded steel construction, and it is self-supported, floor mounted or it can be raised on a pedestal to a desired height for a feed through line.

The Mini Upender Inverter is an ideal tool for upending and inverting boxes, pallets, containers, manifolds, engine blocks or any unusual items that need to be turned to 90-degrees or a 180-degrees. It will improve efficiency and safety in any such operation.