Mobile Portable Crane

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments

A.T.I of Mentor Ohio introduces a new adjustable straddle crane in 2000, 4000, and 6000 lbs. capacities

Husky-Master Portable Crane Adjustable Legs

Utmost in versatility, foldability, and portability, with telescopic boom, it has adjustable straddle from a narrow 32″ up to 64″ width and lifting height up to 144″. Real back savers, these portable hydraulic cranes are economical material handling equipment that can be used any place, any time by folding up into a small sub-assembly so they can be taken anywhere you want.

The unique design allows it to disassemble or reassemble in a few minutes. Take-it-with-you in a service van to the field, or use it in the shop to lift parts, molds, dies, engines, transformers, lab equipment, or use on assembly line to position sub-assemblies, it is a true ergonomic tool.

With a narrow straddle adjustment it can pass through regular doorways or through narrow aisles, and then reach into, over, or under the nooks and crannies and hard to reach places.

It features smooth hydraulic operation with chrome plated cylinder shaft. The manually operated hydraulic pump can be used anywhere there is no power available or in a hazardous operation. Optional powered lift is available with a battery powered 12 or 24 volts DC, 110 volt AC or 240/480 volt 3 phase, as well as air powered motor for hazardous or flammable areas.

The adjustable straddle in wide position provides for stability when raising 144″ high, also it permits the user to straddle the item being lifted for tight access in crowded areas. An optional powered telescopic boom lift option allows the boom to be extended or retracted under load. The cranes may also be equipped with optional manual or powered winch cable lift to reach down below ground level in to the Manhole or basement, or from second or third floor reach to ground level.

Unit is installed on roller bearing mounted wheels for easy mobility and swivel T-Bar tow handle provides ergonomic mobility. Non marking, polyurethane-coated wheels are standard. Optional wheels are available with mold-on rubber or pneumatic tires.

Units are built of heavy duty welded steel construction for long lasting dependable service. They are engineered for maximum safety and durability, lightweight for portability, and quality crafted of the finest materials by expert craftsmen. They also meet or exceed ANSI standards for portable automotive lifting devices (PALD 12).

These cranes will reduce workers injuries and fatigue by avoiding heavy lifting, bending, stretching of back arks and muscles…a truly ergonomic handling tool.