Mobile Zero-Low Lift for Aerospace

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Industrial Equipment | 0 comments

A customer that manufactured helicopters was looking for a way to lift and weigh their helicopters. They were doing this operation not only to check the weight ,but also to check the balance and center of gravity of the helicopters. They wanted something that was mobile so that they can wheel it into place and then remove when not in use. The also wanted the Zero Low feature so that they could roll right on the the lift at the ground level. We were able to equip the Zero Low lift table with a wheel package and utilize what we like to call the 5th wheel design. This would allow them to engage or disengage the wheels when the scissors table was in use. They also mounted a low profile scale on top to perform the weight test that was needed. The Zero Low lifts were powered by air because this was compressed air was readily accessible. You can see this family of lift tables at