Modified Trunnion Liner Removal Tool

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Industrial Equipment | 0 comments

Trunnion liners are necessary to prevent wear on mills, a failure of a trunnion liner can cause serious repairs on the mill. Significant wear can take place due to the constant rotation of the mill and the constant flow of material. The trunnion liners were being removed by use of a forklift with a chain wrapped around the forks, a couple two by fours, and a lot of effort. These trunnion liners need to be changed regularly to prevent significant wear to the mill. Maintenance workers in South Dakota, after an accident related to changing the liners, refused to change out the liners due to not having a safe way to change the liners.

In order to properly maintain the mill equipment and protect the workers from injury, Air Technical industries was approached for a solution. The Reversible Boom Crane with a modified boom was selected as the proper solution to this problem that needed to be solved immediately. The RBC can easily lift the liner and the telescoping action of the boom and the self propelled drive can be used to insert the trunnion liner into the trunnion. To remove a trunnion, the RBC can be similarly utilized. This solution will save time, save money, improve efficiency, improve safety, and prevent damage to milling equipment.