Narrow Aisle Rover Fits in Hard-to-Reach Places

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Mentor, Ohio November 2, 2022 – Air Technical Industries announces the development of a unique, ultra-compact mobile shop crane designed specifically for navigating narrow aisles and tight machine clearance to perform part feeding, storage/retrieval, or maintenance operations.

Narrow Aisle Rover
Narrow Aisle Rover

The Narrow Aisle Rover (NAROVR) can go places where no other lifting device could go before, reducing cumbersome and potentially un-safe lifting operations to routine tasks. At only 24” wide, it can squeeze into tight spaces and with its articulating boom, thread the needle to reach into a machine door or swing to the side to pick a component around a corner. It can lift and maneuver up to 500 pounds effortlessly.

The NAROVR is a battery powered self-propelled crane available with either walk-behind tiller handle or optional remote joystick control. Power source is 24VDC and the drive unit offers fully-variable speed control with smooth acceleration and automatic parking brake. Lifting is electro-mechanically operated for smooth, quiet lifting operation. The mast and boom articulation functions come standard in manual free rotation, but can be upgraded to electro-mechanical powered rotation as well.

The Narrow Aisle Rover has a 500 pound lifting capacity and a maximum horizontal reach of 56 inches with a 24 inch articulating forearm reach. With the standard boom lift, it can raise 30 inches vertically. The optional mast lift feature enables reach as low as 6” from the floor and increases the maximum lifting range by 36 inches for a total vertical travel of up to 66 inches. The base size is only 24 inches wide x 48 inches long with a minimum folded length of under 6 feet. Lifting is accomplished with a standard low-profile mounted eye hook, but the articulating forearm can be equipped with optional attachments such as a compact platform scoop, or other attachments as required which can be custom designed for the user’s specific application.

This revolutionary design is a customer-driven innovation purpose-built for hard to reach areas and tight machine access. It improves safety and saves time over potentially haphazard rigging or manual labor that may be otherwise necessary to reach areas with limited access.