NEW Five-Function Articulating Manipulator with Gripper

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Self-propelled Mobile Manipulator Improves Safety and Efficiency

 Mentor, Ohio May 3, 2016

Air Technical Industries (ATI) has developed a new unique five-axis tool to handle and articulate large items in any position needed.

RBC Flat Gripper

The five axes are lift, extend, pitch, roll and grip up to 2000 lbs and lifting from ground level height to 12 feet.  The addition of available yaw axis as well as powered mast rotation offers up to seven total functions.  The manipulator with the gripper is installed on ATI’s Reversible Boom Crane (RBC-6000-SPBW).  This unit is self propelled with infinitely variable speed control and 90° steering capability to the left or right, giving the unit the ability to turn on a dime.

All the axes of the articularm are hydraulically actuated.  The pitch axis has a range of 130°, roll axis is 180° and yaw axis is 90° to the left and 90° to the right – parallel to the boom.  The power source is 24 volts DC battery powered.

A variety of grippers are available.  The one featured in the picture has parallel flat jaws with a minimum opening of 8” and maximum opening of 16”.  The most popular gripper is the round jaws to grab and hold cylindrical items.

The controls are remote pendant push button so that the operator can be close to the item lifted in order to closely monitor the articulation for precise positioning.

This is an ideal tool for ergonomic handling and safety to avoid using the wrong equipment in a make shift application.  It takes the load off the operator’s back and uses the finger tip push button control in handling heavy objects effectively.

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