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Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces a new Low Profile Self Propelled Lift Table. The propulsion system, power remote steering, lifting mechanism, wheels, and batteries are all built into it like a shoe box, completely self-contained.

Self-Propelled Lift Table

What makes these mobile lifts unbelievable is the change of technology to help the user lift and transport large and heavy items through narrow aisles, doorways, and crowded areas. Ergonomics are improved by eliminating the need for any physical exertion by the operator pushing around a cart. The unit features a 10,000 lbs capacity, 52” wide x 120” long, lowered height is 14”, vertical lift is 60”, and raised height is 74”.

The unit is flexible and can transport and steer with a load in the raised position. Mobility is provided by roller-bearing mounted polyurethane wheels. Propulsion is hydraulic, as is lifting and power steering. Propulsion has variable speed control and automatic braking system. The battery charger can be built in or it can be externally installed at a designated charging station.

Hydraulic system has safety relief valves to prevent overloading, and hydraulic cylinders have chrome plated shaft for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion. Maintenance-free composite bushings are installed in the scissors pivot points. Wireless remote controls or pneumatic powered hydraulic systems are available for lifts used in hazardous environments.

Low Profile Self-Propelled Lift Tables are available in a variety of different capacities and sizes. The new lift is an ideal ergonomic tool to improve safety from manual lifting, steering, and pushing. Push button controls are more efficient which saves time and increases production while reducing fatigue of the worker.