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Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces a unique combination of the extra heavy self-propelled high lift scissors platform with its own Piggyback Jib Crane creating a completely self sufficient mobile elevating workshop.

Mobile Lift Table with Piggyback Jib Crane

The lift platform has 10,000 lb capacity, measuring 54” wide x 168” long and raises up to 144” high. It has 42” high safety railings with mid rail and kick board on the two long sides. At each end there are entrance steps for easy access, self closing safety gates that open only inward, and stops to prevent accidental opening if a person leans on it. The deck of the lift has a safety floor plate or skid resistant coating.

Propulsion is provided by two flanged wheels with a hydraulic drive motor built into the wheels that provide an abundance of torque for moving heavy loads. The hydraulic valving is spring loaded return to center for automatic braking in case of power failure. The unit can travel on recessed crane rail track, surface mounted track, or it is also available with poly wheels and steering for total mobility and versatility. The lifting is hydraulically operated and the cylinders are equipped with safety holding valves that will keep the large deck locked in position in case of hydraulic leak or failure. The cylinders have chrome plated shafts for smooth operation and to prevent corrosion. The hydraulic system is equipped with safety relief valve to protect from overloading or any unsafe build-up of hydraulic pressure.

The mounted jib crane attaches to the base and travels along with the platform offering the versatility to reach out a distance of 12′ to pick up components up to 1 ton that need to be loaded onto the platform and transported to where they are needed. The jib crane is equipped with hydraulically operated power boom rotation for precise positioning and lining up the load with a push of a button instead of manually pushing, pulling, twisting, and swinging. The rotating mechanism of the beam is equipped with automatic braking so the beam is always locked in the desired position. The crane is equipped with counterweight for added stability.

Lifting with the jib boom is provided by a cable hoist on motorized trolley for in and out hoist travel offering effortless load positioning. The hoist and trolley is equipped with a dual festooning system of which one is main power 240-480 volts AC 3-phase and the other is low control voltage 110 volts AC with built-in step down transformer.

The unit is equipped with manual override propulsion ability in case of power or hydraulic system failure. This feature allows the platform to be moved out of the way in the event of loss of propulsion or power.

The construction is heavy duty welded steel which provides for years of industrial use. It can carry heavy tool boxes, welding equipment, work benches with wire and cutting torches to provide complete shop needs when and where needed. In the design, much attention is given to safety and ergonomic efficiency with versatility in use for multiple applications.