Parts at Your Service

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Industrial Equipment | 0 comments

When a customer found they had a leaking cylinder on their Zero-Low Lift, they were sure this meant their equipment would be out of commission for an extended period of time and would subsequently be a loss of expense. They thought the repair might require a brand new cylinder or a brand new scissor-lift table. Little did they know, ATI offers parts consultations and complete component replacement! After having a parts consultation they were thrilled to learn what a quick fix a cylinder repair kit is and that these kits are always in stock.

Most common replacement components are kept in stock at ATI, but it may be beneficial to keep crucial parts on-hand and avoid down times. We would be happy to discuss with you on your specific equipment to advise on items that we do generally have in stock or if there are other special components that you may want to keep on hand to maximize up-time.

To have a parts consultation, contact our Customer Service Manager directly at 800-321-9680 ext 322.


Cylinder exploded view