Low-Profile Zero-Low Lift Tables

New Lower Height Raises Productivity!

ATI’s new Low Profile Zero-Low Lift Table brings load even closer to the operator to save time, improve safety, reduce worker fatigue, boost morale–all providing increased productivity and profits!

  • 1000 & 2500 lb. capacities, up to 48 in. lift height
  • Lower, narrower fenders provide easier access by operator
  • Designed for easier load by pallet truck
    Lower fenders permit a pallet truck to enter table with a loaded pallet raised above the fenders, enabling the pallet to be set on the fenders, close to operators reach. May eliminate need for lift trucks.
  • Wide variety of deck sizes available to fit any size load
  • Electric or air operation
    Power options are air (use suffix -A), electric 110V AC single phase, or 230/460V AC, 3 phase; with a choice of 110 volt push-button or foot-pedal control.
  • Double Acting Cylinder Package
    All standard scissor lift tables have hydraulic lift up and gravity lowering. If lowering speed is required, then order optional Double Acting Power System
    — See Lift Table Options page for details.

If you don't see a model or size here that will meet your requirements, contact us or request a proposal on a modified unit.

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