Mechanical Lift Tables

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Ergonomic work positioning device is lightweight and economical.

  • 250 to 1,000 lbs. capacity, up to 84 in. raised height & variable deck sizes listed below
  • Highly versatile--ideal for a wide range of applications
    Assembly work where heights of components or operators need adjustment, load positioning, transporting materials and transferring load from lower position to high position.
  • Your choice of lifting operation
    An acme screw type lift or a cable winch type lift provides quiet smooth operation and keeps load locked in desired position.
  • Both butcher block and metal deck available
    Butcher block provides a soft touch and compatibility with lifting many products, and also will prevent damaging sensitive loads.
  • Wheels optional for added mobility and versatility
    Easily maneuverable when installed on wheels. Ideal for moving operations and when the table is frequently moved from one location to another.
  • Electrically powered available
    Lift tables are available powered electro-mechanically by 110 volts AC single-phase power providing effortless operation.


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