Sky-Riser Mobile Hydraulic Crane


  • 4,000 lb. lifting capacity, up to 35 ft. lift height
  • Designed for jobs requiring higher lift & greater reach
    Ideal for plant service and maintenance in hard to reach places, construction site erection work, and equipment installation.
  • Telescopic boom available hydraulically operated for smooth extension while fully loaded
    Controls are manually operated.  Push button pendant controls are available.
  • Telescopic mast and adjustable legs makes moving this giant easy
    A hydraulic telescopic mast lowered to a mere 88 in high and legs fold into only 48 in wide.  Legs open to 120 in wide for maximum stability.
  • Optional cable lifts, mast rotation, and powerpack options increase productivity and versatility
    Makes tough jobs easy, speeds up maintenance, assembly and construction work.


Sky-Riser Specifications
► Capacity
Boom retracted (lbs) 4000
Boom extended (lbs) 1000
– with counterweight or above 45°
Boom attachment (lbs) 500
– above 60° boom angle
► Lift Height
Boom retracted (ft) 21
Boom extended (ft) 30
Boom attachment, extended (ft) 38
► Min Floor-to-Hook Height
Mast lowered (ft) 6
Mast raised (ft) 9
► Maximum Reach
Boom retracted (ft) 10
Boom extended (ft)
– with counterweight 20
– w/o counterweight, above 45° 14
Boom attachment (ft)
– above 60° boom angle 18
► Mast Height
Mast lowered (ft) 7
Mast raised (ft) 10
► Overall Length (ft) 15
► Overall Width (ft) 5
Legs adjustable (ft) 4 to 11
► Main Boom Length
Boom retracted (ft) 13
Boom extended (ft) 23
► Wheels
Front, pneumatic, foam-filled (in) 25 ½
Rear, pneumatic, foam-filled (in) 16 ½
► Shipping weight (lbs) 2000
– weight increase with options


Sky-Riser Options
► Powerpacks
Electric, 120VAC 1-phase SR-PE1
Electric, 240/480VAC 3-phase SR-PE3
Electric, battery, 12VDC SR-PB12
Electric, battery, 24VDC SR-PB24
Air-over-hydraulic SR-AP1
Gasoline engine SR-PG12
Propane (LPG) engine SR-PPG12
► Powered Telescopic Boom SR-TB4
► Cable lifts
1000 pounds single line capacity
Manual winch SR-W4
Hydraulic winch SR-PW4
Electric, 120VAC 1-phase winch SR-PEC4
►Powered Mast Rotation SR-PMR
– includes 3-section outriggers
► Hydraulic Powered Outriggers SR-HPO
► Boom Attachment, 8 ft SR-GNA6
► Remote Pendant Controls
Upgrade manual spool valves
Boom Lift/Lower SR-EC1
Powered Telescopic Boom SR-EC2
Mast Raise/Lower SR-EC3
Powered Cable Lift SR-EC4
Powered Mast Rotation SR-EC5
Powered Outriggers SR-EC6
► Self-Propelled Drives
Walk-behind, 24VDC SR-SPBW
Stand-up rider, 24VDC SR-SPBR
Walk-behind, gasoline hybrid SR-SPGW
Sit-down rider, gasoline hybrid SR-SPGR
Upgrade hybrid to propane SR-SPPG


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