Sky-Riser Mobile Hydraulic Crane


  • 4,000 lb. lifting capacity, up to 35 ft. lift height
  • Designed for jobs requiring higher lift & greater reach
    Ideal for plant service and maintenance in hard to reach places, construction site erection work, and equipment installation.
  • Telescopic boom available hydraulically operated for smooth extension while fully loaded
    Controls are manually operated.  Push button pendant controls are available.
  • Telescopic mast and adjustable legs makes moving this giant easy
    A hydraulic telescopic mast lowered to a mere 88 in high and legs fold into only 48 in wide.  Legs open to 120 in wide for maximum stability.
  • Optional cable lifts, mast rotation, and powerpack options increase productivity and versatility
    Makes tough jobs easy, speeds up maintenance, assembly and construction work.


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