Zero-Low 3-Point Entry Lift Tables

3-Way Easy Access!

Easiest to use lift table of all time! ATI’s 3-Point Entry, Zero-Low Lift Table permits the load to be placed on the table from three sides and raised close to the operator.

  • 1,000 & 2,500 lb. capacities, up to 48 in. raised height
    Modifications available for increased travel
  • Loads can be placed on table from three sides providing easier access by operator
  • Wide variety of deck sizes available to fit any size load
    Decks available in 30×30, 36×36, 42×42, and 48×48 inch sizes.
  • Double roller lifting chains give maximum lifting stability
    Lifting table travels on rollers eliminating rubbing, friction and binding. Rollers are adjustable; level lifting is maintained at all times.
  • Manual or electric operation
    Power options are manual hydraulic hand pump, electric 110 volt or 220/440 volt a.c., 3 phase; with a choice of 110 volt push-button or foot-pedal control.

If you don't see a model or size here that will meet your requirements, contact us or request a proposal on a modified unit.

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