Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Tables

Ergonomics at its Best! Backsaver!

  • 250 to 6,000 lb. capacities, up to 46 in. lift
  • Table tilts up to 45 degrees for load handling ease
    Lifts load from ground level to desired height and then tilts the load for easy handling. (tilt up to 90° available at reduced capacity, ask for more details).
  • Increased worker productivity and morale
    The Zero-Low Lift & Tilt Table puts work within easy reach of the worker for increased productivity, safety, and morale.
  • Reduces fatigue and increases worker safety
    Virtually eliminates bending, reaching, stretching and lifting, reducing worker fatigue and the risk of back injuries.
  • Double Acting Cylinder Package
    All standard scissor lift tables have hydraulic lift up and gravity lowering. If lowering speed is required, then order optional Double Acting Power System
    — See Lift Table Options page for details.

If you don't see a model or size here that will meet your requirements, contact us or request a proposal on a modified unit.

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