Radio Controlled Mobile Crane with Gripper

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments

Air Technical Industries (ATI) of Mentor, Ohio is announcing the development of a radio controlled mobile hydraulic crane equipped with a large jaw gripper.

RBC with Jaws Gripper

The remote control offers great versatility and flexibility. It improves safety for handling items around corners where visibility is restricted. The operator can position himself for best visibility. It is ideal for handling dangerous, toxic, flammable, or explosive material. The unit can also be adapted to a global positioning system for extremely remote navigation!

The mobile Reversible Boom Crane is compact, very narrow, and maneuverable. It can make a sharp 90° turn or a 360° turn within its length for a very tight turning radius. It can reach into nooks and crannies, over, into, above, beyond, or below ground for versatility in any operation.

It is available in capacities ranging from 1,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds and the power system is battery powered so the unit is completely self-sufficient.

Functions available are forward/reverse travel, left/right steering, boom lift up/down, boom telescope in/out, mast rotation clockwise/counterclockwise, and cable lift up/down. Gripper functions available are rotation clockwise/counterclockwise, and jaws open/close.

Travel speed is continuously variable for smooth acceleration and deceleration. It can travel from 1 fpm to 4 mph. The radio control is a joystick type, very lightweight and supported by a shoulder harness giving the operator free hands for hooking up loads or slings, precisely positioning the load, and allowing for one-person operation.

The controls are designed for simple operation and do not require advanced technological knowledge or extensive training of the operators. The radio remote control is designed to imitate ordinary functions for easier transition.

The radio control will add a new dimension to the unique, compact mobile crane that ATI has been providing for years increasing versatility in many industrial and defense applications.