Reversible Boom Crane Loses Weight

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New telescopic base feature reduces weight, adds versatility

Mentor, Ohio November 23, 2015 Air Technical Industries (ATI) of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a new version of its popular Reversible Boom Crane (RBC) mobile counterbalanced floor crane with new unique features that enable it to extend and retract its base to adjust the overall length of the crane. The great benefit of this feature is the reduced overall weight for ease of transportation and handling, as well as reduced ground loading for use on floors with limited capacity.

Short mode is desirable to operate in crowded areas, can fit in freight elevators, or for use on floors with light capacity. Long mode can operate in open areas with more room, provides greater capacity with the counterweight extended for increased leverage, more safety and stability. These new features greatly increase the versatility to meet the user’s need.

The unit features polyurethane bearing mounted wheels for floor protection and smooth easy travel. Steering capability is 90° to left and right, which enable it to make sharp turns in crowded areas.

The propulsion is battery powered and controls are infinitely variable speeds from 0-4 mph. The unit has the ability to travel very slow for precision alignment of load. The hydraulically actuated telescopic boom option enables the boom to be extended and retracted under load.

These units are available in capacities from 1000 lbs to 20,000 lbs. The boom lengths and lifting height are dependent on the capacity and size of the unit and can range from 8 ft height up to 24 ft. The most important feature of the RBC is the reach beyond the wheels. This enables the user to reach into, over, and beyond nooks, crannies, into enclosures, trucks, or other areas where no other handling equipment can.

The other important features of the RBC mobile crane is its slim build enabling it to pass through doorways, narrow aisles, tool room or other locations that are not easily accessible. The optional features are powered telescopic boom, powered telescopic base, hydraulic powered mast rotation, winch cable lift, outriggers, remote operated push button control, or wireless radio control.

The new RBC is indeed a valuable tool to help lift and carry any kind of load to make the job easier and safer. Now even a construction site with limited floor capacity can benefit from the tremendous versatility of the best shop crane ever.

RBC with extending base