Tele-Mast Learns to Drive by GPS

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Straddle crane is slim, self-propelled, diesel engine powered

 March 17, 2016 Mentor, Ohio  

Air Technical Industries announces the development of a  unique mobile gantry crane for indoor/outdoor use.  When used outdoors, the 4 telescopic legs raise the crane up to 30 feet high for stacking containers or other large items, lifting over them to maximize storage space, or for loading and unloading trucks.  When used indoors, the Tele-Mast lowers the crane’s overall height for in-building applications.  It has a very narrow design to maximize usable span while maintaining a narrow overall width for passing through overhead doors.  It ranges in size from small to large to humongous, depending on the customers requirements.

Self-Propelled Straddle Crane

The crane is diesel engine powered and all actions are hydraulically actuated including lift, propulsion, steering and optional cable lift.  Controls are remote pendant with variable speeds up to 4 MPH.  Tires are large cushion-type rubber, 16” wide and 28” OD for smooth and quiet operation.  It is all heavy duty steel construction with a 3:1 safety factor for demanding industrial use.  The modular design makes the crane easy to transport and to assemble and disassemble in the field.

The crane functions are user-friendly easy to learn, with a short operator training time.  The operator can easily manipulate the fingertip controls to move large and heavy loads.  The removable, umbilical pendant control station can be safely stored when not in use.

The crane comes in a variety of sizes and capacities which are customized to the users specific need.  Standard models are offered in 25,000 and 60,000 pounds capacities with custom designs available up to 100,000 pounds  The simplicity of the modular design gives ATI an advantage and flexibility to meet the user’s needs depending on the environment, size of the building, and  type of access doors as well as the size and condition of the outdoor yard.

Optional features and attachments include a spreader bar for lifting standard ISO shipping containers, 20′ or 40′ size, remote radio control hook up including a safety light indicating positive engagement.  Other optional equipment include large conventional or custom spreader bars, universal spreader bars with a variety of lengths for 2 and 4 lifting points as well as “C” shape lifting rams for large, heavy coils for turning, handling, lifting and positioning of items.  The Tele-Mast is an ideal tool for lifting heavy and large items, and for easily and safely transporting, loading, and manipulating in unusual environments.