A few testimonials from our many clients

Our team is very happy with the lift table that we received… Thank you for helping us find a great solution to our assembly ergonomics!

John A.

Zero-Low Lift Table ZLD-5048E-M (110337), April 13, 2022

We have received the unit through [Distributor] and it’s a hit already. Thank you for you continued service.

Christopher H.

Self-Propelled Reversible Boom Crane RBC-3000SPB (330413), October 16, 2020

I wanted to share our “pallet tipper” we purchased from you last year. We added some plastic sheets for spacers for placement of boxes. It works great to stack an eight foot high pallet without climbing a ladder. We tip it all the way down and stack the whole pallet and then tip it up and roll it to the pallet wrapper. Thanks again for your help on this project.

Scott Z.

Zero-Low Upender ZLZTD-5048E-M (110315), May 5, 2020

Air Technical Industries (ATI) has supplied us with the …[Reversible Boom Crane] which has proven to be quality engineered, exceptionally strong and well built. Their products have demonstrated to be most cost effective… not only because they are designed to do the job and are built like a rock, but also because the product requires less maintenance and service.

Darcy B.

Reversible Boom Crane RBC-4000SPBW (370103), April 24, 2019

I have been meaning to do this for a while now but just wanted to thank you for assisting me (like forever!) with the jib crane purchase. It is exactly what we needed! This was really the only crane with that type of light weight specs. The local crane company who load tested it really likes it too. Thanks again, and I will keep you in mind for the future.
James S.

Portable Jib Crane JCPRT-51010 (330377), March 13, 2018

Last year our company expanded our facility to bring aboard a new product line that would require some heavy lifting. I contacted Air Technical about my company’s needs and from the first phone conversation to the up and running tables, Air Technical supplied outstanding customer service and an outstanding product. We purchased two 10,000 lift capacity tables and I cannot be more happy with them. These tables came fully assembled and with a few twist of a wrench, we were up and running in no time. Because of the ease of operation, these tables have become a life saver to all that use them. My company, myself and my employees are very satisfied with these lift tables. Thank you Air Technical for producing a great product and any future needs, we will be using you again.
James F.

Heavy Duty Scissors Lift Table SLH-104878E (220316), November 2, 2017

We needed to spot a Toshiba XT series electric motor in a narrow gap that is not crane accessible. The motor weighs 7,800 pounds and has to be maneuvered by hand near a concrete pedestal with instrumentation wiring and I-beam struts in the way.

We mounted the lift on a 10,000 pound capacity machine dolly and were able to roll the motor easily into position by hand, and lifted it above the jacking bolts for an easy slide into place. This was by far the safest and fastest way to put these big motors in place.

The lift is smooth and precise, positioning the motor within 1/8″ of the optimum height was simple any of our mechanics can use it.

The fabrication work is very high quality and so far it works flawlessly. The price estimate was about half what I was expecting. If I need anything similar, ATI will get first chance at my business.

Scott C

Modified Heavy Capacity Scissors Lift SLH-83666E-M (520218), June 13, 2014

The ATI Cherry picker has done everything we expected from a tool. Your (Jonathon Ziegler’s) helpful recommendations along with the quality and performance have greatly increased productivity in the shop as well as the safety with which it operates.
Buddy T

Super Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane SM-6000A (320427), January 28, 2014

Jonathon Ziegler and the engineering team at Air Technical were innovative in working with us on a low cost simple solution for our pallet flipping need. Together, we shared ideas, drawings, and options until we found the right custom solution. Modifications along the way were no issue, and the Air Technical team bent over backwards to assure we ended up with a product that performed exactly as needed.
Bob V.

Modified Universal Upender Fork Attachment UPFTA4000BM (520226), October 10, 2013

I would like to thank you for your support on the mobile crane and the portable weigh and balance lift and cart system. . .You have done a great job communicating with us on current status, providing information on new projects or ideas, and general support. Your team has met and exceeded my expectations.
Basilio P

Mobile Zero-Low Lift Table ZLE-5072AW-M (520216), December 2, 2013

By the way, this machine is absolutely amazing and fits our specialized needs perfectly.
Brian M.

Heavy Duty Reversible Boom Knuckle Krane RBKK15000SPBW (570020), January 7, 2013

We got our crane load-tested today and all went well. We can’t wait to start using it. . . Thanks for such a great product.
Thomas A

A-Frame Gantry Crane GC101212W, September 18, 2012

Great! Possibly the best purchase we’ve ever made to save the mens’ backs and to make lifting safer.
Doyle K

Reversible Boom Crane RBC3000SPB (340273), August 29, 2010

We purchased your Jib Master model JB5E Electric/Hydraulic telescoping Boom Lift in 2006. It easily mounts to the forks of our fork trucks and has a remote pendant for easy operator use. Its hydraulically operated telescoping action is invaluable when installing heavy equipment of all sorts where access is limited and awkward. We also consider it a valuable safety tool for our maintenance personnel in the prevention of injuries.
John C.

Modified Jib-Master Forklift Crane JB5E (520097), April 25, 2009