The Articularm

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments


Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces the development of a new, 6-axes fully articulating manipulator which is available with a wide array of attachments that has the ability to handle virtually any type of load.

The highly versatile Articularm is the link between conventional handling equipment and expensive automation or robotics systems. It allows for full manipulation capability of a 500 pound load, achieving complete dexterity without the physical effort of lifting, stretching and straining that leads to fatigue and injuries.

The parallelogram arm which rotates 360° keeps loads parallel to the ground while they are being raised and lowered. The forearm, which is attached to the parallelogram arm, swings horizontally at will from 24″ out to 120″ of reach maintaining a horizontal orientation through the entire lifting range from ground level up to 96″ giving the user a sphere of use that is 240″ in diameter and 96″ high.

The vertical lifting arm is equipped with 360° rotation which can be coupled with hydraulically operated wrist attachments which provide a 90° pitch axis that can rotate loads from a vertical to a horizontal position. In addition, the wrist roll axes of 180° will rotate the gripper attachment horizontally, giving the unit omni-directional positioning. The Articularm is cost effective because it performs many functions of a robot without the high price, specialized training and costly maintenance typical with a robotic unit.

The hydraulically operated lifting and wrist action is smooth and steady, operated by 110/220 volts AC single phase or 220/440 volts AC 3 phase. Many of the six functions can be performed simultaneously such as lifting, turning and extending the arms while articulating the wrist all at the same time which tremendously increases flexibility while saving time and improving performance.

The Articularm can be fitted with a wide range of 24 different grippers and attachments to handle virtually any type of load. The attachments range from. . . a simple eye hook, forks, a ram for coils and wire reels, a tote pan handler, a drum lifter, a lift and turn device for 5 gallon pails and a spreader bar to . . .boom attachments like vacuum cups, magnets, and many other grippers including the soft-touch style.

With the wide variety of attachments and 6-axes of manipulation, this unit can be used for a great variety of applications such as:

  • Automotive assembly
  • Machine loading
  • Spot-welder positioning
  • Forging press feeding
  • Assembly of electronic panels
  • Textile roll handling
  • Casting and core setting
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Glass and delicate part handling
  • Machine assembly
  • Feeding hoppers
  • Lifting and dumping containers
  • Conveyor and pallet transferring
  • And many, many more!

This unit will increase productivity, save time and improve safety all while simplifying complex handling and positioning processes at an affordable price.