The Universal Lift 11-in-1 Crane!

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments

Universal Lift

This revolutionary new development in lifting technology was just unveiled by Air Technical Industries in Mentor, Ohio, U.S.A. for use inall industries. The Universal-Lift is a multi-purpose handling system that will take on most work loads at a fraction of the cost because of its versatile attachments. With just a screwdriver in hand, this lift can be converted into ELEVEN units in one! It is a:

  • Fork lift ( lifts 2,000 lbs. up to 12 feet high)
  • Platform lift ( lowers from ground zero to 12 feet high)
  • Crane ( lifts 2,000 lbs. over 13 feet high)
  • Cable lift ( lifts up over 13 feet high and down 50 feet below the floor)
  • Personnel maintenance lift ( basket lifts to working heights of 18-20 feet)
  • Coil reel and roll lifter ( 36 inch long, round ram lifts 2,000 lb. coils)
  • Shovel bucket ( lifts 2,000 lbs. 12 feet high and pitches 90° for dumping)
  • Extended gooseneck boom crane ( lifts up to 24 feet high for roof work)
  • Bulk-Bag Lifter
  • Powered Dumper
  • Personnel Basket Crane

As a fork lift, it can reach in, over, and beyond obstacles, something a standard fork truck cannot do. The lifting forks are 36 inches long and are adjustable for different pallet widths. The unit can reach eight feet into an enclosed semi-truck and in can load flat bed trucks from the rear or side. It has reach capabilities to stack loads double in depth, saving valuable floor space. It can be used indoors or out to simplify any handling project–economically.

As a platform lift, it lowers the 36 inch x 36 inch deck down to floor level and lifts up to 12 feet high. It simplifies mold and die handling, or the handling of any oddly shaped objects that need o be lifted for assembly or installation.

As a crane, the hook will lift over 13 feet high and can easily reach over machines or other obstacles for maintenance lifting and positioning or for removing the engine from a car or a truck. It will lift and carry large or awkward loads, load and unload materials stacked on a truck, feed bar stock into a machine and handle large coils or bundles that cannot be maneuvered by a standard fork truck.

As a cable lift, it can lift and lower loads up to 2,000 lbs. from ground level up to 12 feet high and can lower the loads up to 50 feet below ground level into a man hold, from the first floor to the basement or from the top of a building down to ground level. It can also install molds into injection molding machines, lift and stack 55 gallon drums and cater to just about any other unusual maintenance or operational needs.

As a personnel lift, it can lift a person safely to working heights up to 18-20 feet high. It will reach in and over hard to reach places and is equipped with push button remote control so that the operator can easily adjust to the proper height while in tow.

As a coil reel and roll lifter, the unit is equipped with a 2 1/2 inch round ram which is 36 inches in length, to lift coiled sheet steel, rolls of wire, paper, film, carpet, textiles, or fabric. It can reach into an enclosed semi-truck to unload long tubular or rolled materials.

As a shovel bucket, the Universal Lift is equipped with a 24 inch wide, 20 inch high and 24 inch deep, hydraulically actuated bucket that can lift powder, solids or steel chips up to 12 feet high and then pitch forward 90°, dumping the contents into a hopper or drum.

As an extended gooseneck boom crane, the unit can reach lifting heights of up to 24 feet for roof work, joist installation, hoisting HVAC equipment, duct work and many other miscellaneous maintenance tasks.

The above describes a very broad scope of operations and versatile functions the unit can perform and is by no means limited to the uses mentioned. The Universal-Lift truly offers a great magnitude of flexibility because it is available with your choice of lifting attachments, power methods and wheel options.

The power options available include battery operated and self-propelled for total mobility. It can be electrically powered by 110 volts single phase or 240/480 3-phase, air powered, gasoline, or propane engine operated. The two types of wheel configurations available are polyurethane tread wheels for indoor use and large pneumatic wheels for outside use on gravel. For outside use we recommend the gasoline engine powered unit with a hydraulic self-propulsion drive offering variable speeds up to 4 mph.

The battery powered self-propelled drive is smooth and quiet–ideal for indoor use. The 180° steering capability, 90° to each side, offers remarkable maneuverability in crowded areas. It is equipped with a two-position, spring loaded mechanical break, a safety belly-button switch and a horn to alert others if necessary. The lifting function controls are built into the steering handle for convenient raising and lowering.

Lifting is activated by a heavy duty, precision-built hydraulic cylinder with a chrome-plated shaft for smooth operation and corrosion prevention. The hydraulic system is also equipped with a safety pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

The innovative design of this revolutionary new product will help improve performance, safety and even reduce fatigue. The Universal-Lift will become the tool to get the job done.