Three-axis, Heavy-Duty, Industrial Manipulator

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments

Super-Master with Manipulator

A highly versatile, flexible, and easy to operate manipulator has been developed by Air Technical Industries in Mentor, Ohio at a 90% savings over robots that perform similar tasks. It is ideal for lifting, positioning, or manipulating awkward loads in hard to reach areas in an industrial environment without the technical ability required for robots.

The lifting force is electric/hydraulic powered by 110V single phase, or 220/440V 3-phase. Electric motor driven hydraulic pump is built into the head housing and is equipped with an overload relief valve..

The unit is base-mounted, but can be ceiling mounted upside down, or carriage mounted for complete mobility

The three-axis articulated arm moves freely in a three dimensional space. Capacity is 1000 lbs. and the arm is capable of reaching out 144″ and lifting from ground level up to 72″ high. The jointed arm is equipped with special roller bearings to allow for smooth, quick, effortless operation. As an option, the unit has a three axis wrist movement that allows for additional manipulation within the three-dimensional envelope.

Each movement is of modular design and can be configured in a variety of combinations. They include: —-Wrist Pitch: 90° for lifting parts or flat sheets to a vertical position
—-Wrist Roll: 180° with 90° left and 90° right rotation on a horizontal plane.
—-Wrist Yaw: 180° provides rotation of wrist or end effector on a vertical axis.

The New Crane Mounted Manipulator is a safe, yet economical method of lifting or positioning heavy loads safely, quickly, and efficiently without fear of employee injury. The applications are endless: machine loading, assembly work, crating, packing, unpacking, turning, up-ending cabinets or boxes and lifting plates of glass or awkward metal products.