Upender Inverter with Conveyors

by | Dec 7, 2011 | News | 0 comments

A Texas manufacturing company making large gearboxes for the petrochemical industry needed to invert a large heavy gearbox casting up to 8′ long x 6′ wide x 4′ high, weighing up to 10,000 lbs, in their machining and assembly process. The precision-built component had to be inverted 180° or up-side down and then down-side up several times during the process. Machined surface had to be protected from damage or scratching. Safety was an important consideration, protecting workers from stretching, reaching, bending and heavy lifting that causes back injuries. And of course, efficiency and timely delivery is also an important factor.

Upender Inverter with Powered Conveyors

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio came to the rescue, designing and manufacturing a special Upender Inverter equipped with heavy-duty powered conveyors for automatic loading. The Upender Inverter then securely clamps the casting, inverts it 180°, un-clamps it, then discharges the heavy machined parts automatically on to the awaiting conveyor.

The process is then repeated in reverse after one end is finished being machined. The whole process only takes two minutes of time. The mission repeats itself over and over again safely, securely and efficiently, producing quality components without any damage or injuries.

Hopefully, many more machines will be built for the petrochemical industry to help America become more self-sufficient and less dependent on foreign oil imports. There are thousands of other components that need to be inverted in industry, this is why ATI has standard Upender Inverters available from a capacity of 250 lbs and up to 50,000 lbs and sizes from 24″ x 36″ up to 96″ x 144″ of humongous jaw bites.

When a standard unit will not meet the need, ATI is flexible in making modifications to satisfy the needs and offer effective solutions to meet the customer’s application. The more challenging the task, the more eager the ATI team is to develop a practical solution.