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By: Mr. Pero Novak

President of Air Technical Industries USA / U.S. Military Veteran

Made in the USA

The wealth of a nation is built mainly by three segments of the economy: Manufacturing, Mining and Farming. When all three segments are performing at an optimum, the result is an increase in wealth, standard of living and better paying jobs. This provides security and makes us self-sufficient.

China has become a manufacturing giant of the world. They manufacture many products for the USA, generating up to a $50 billion per month trade deficit for the USA. They are getting $50 billion wealthier by manufacturing and the USA is getting $50 billion poorer every month. China has become the second largest economy in the world, passing up many other advanced countries such as Japan, Germany, UK and France. We can compete with China and manufacture all of the products they manufacture when we roll up our sleeves and make the decision to do it.

The U.S.A. needs better manufacturing systems with innovative solutions to help our work force perform better, easier and faster by tooling up with ergonomic equipment. Air Technical Industries (ATI) is my company…and we have developed over 2600 models of such unique, innovative products that will help increase performance up to 300%. ATI makes the job easier, safer and faster so the work force can use more of its brain power instead of muscle and sweat. Check out the ATI website, and you will get the wind of what I am talking about. Let’s just do it…but more importantly… do it today!

For instance, there are millions of production machines in our manufacturing sector capable of producing 10 pieces per minute with one operator. Because the operator has to bend over and reach for a piece, lift and straighten up, the machine is at idle and produces only 2 pieces per minute with lots of effort on the operator’s part.

The innovative and ergonomic way to do it… is to eliminate the need for all the bending over and reaching into the box on the floor. By eliminating the lifting and straightening up, the same machine and operator can produce 6 pieces per minute!

Ergonomically, easier, safer, faster with 300% improvement in performance. The company makes more profit and the operator earns more to improve his lifestyle. He feels successful, rewarded and happy. This is how manufacturing builds the wealth of a nation.

After the manufacturing manager has no place to turn for help, they need to increase output so they buy additional production machines and spend millions of dollars and buy bigger buildings to again be only 29% efficient.

If they knew what ATI can do for them, they can increase output 300% with existing machines and personnel.

They can challenge us with the most difficult project. We have ready-made solutions. Let us work together to build wealth of our nation and improve the standard of living for our work force.

The second segment of the economy is mining metals, ore, gold, silver and the largest is oil/natural gas energy. Just look at the wealth the Saudi Arabians, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar have achieved. If you have not been there, you cannot imagine how well they have invested our dollars from all of the oil they have sold to us over the last 50 years. They have improved the standard of living for their people tremendously. They have become very, very rich. For every 55 gal drum of oil they have sold to us, they have become richer and for every dollar we have spent to buy it from them, we have become poorer.

I am very happy that we have finally smartened up and become self-sufficient in the energy sector where we can start actually exporting natural gas and some oil and regain some of the previous losses. We need to take a leadership role in alternative energy such as solar, wind, battery powered cars, heat pumps and nuclear energy. ATI supplies many pieces of ergonomic equipment, ERGO-ECO, to energy industries such as refineries, oil exploration and wind industries.

Finally the third segment of the economy is farming. It is absolutely amazing how well the American farmers have performed over the years. Increasingly higher performance and more output per employee than any other segment. Currently, only 4% of our population is working in the farming industry and they are feeding us quite well. We all owe the American Farmer a great deal of gratitude. Not only are they feeding us, they export plenty of food to the rest of the world to help with our deficit spending.

The American farmer is not sitting around waiting for the Chinese or others to feed us. They are rolling up their sleeves and just doing it the old fashioned way: Performance, Innovation, Determination, Commitment like “God helps those who help themselves”.

What are you waiting for in the manufacturing sector? You may think it is easy to just buy it from China. That means you want China to become wealthier. That means you want to provide jobs for the Chinese people, you want to support Chinese families before supporting American families. This is UN American.

We, in the good old, USA can compete. We need to modernize our manufacturing systems and tool up for higher efficiency with less effort. Currently, in an average manufacturing plant, 40% of work is spent on actually producing and 60% spent on indirect labor. By reversing these numbers (changing them to 60% producing and 40% indirect labor), that in itself would be a 50% improvement in performance.

We at ATI can help you in these new systems. Call us for free assistance. We have experienced, ergonomic system engineers willing and able to help with innovative solutions to make the job easier, faster, safer and more profitable. Made in America for the American work force for better lives for American families.

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