XL Heavy Duty Maintenance Lift

by | Jan 1, 2000 | News | 0 comments

Air Technical Industries of Mentor, Ohio announces a new series of giant platform lifts for maintenance work such as aircraft jet engine work, lifting of bulk materials, equipment maintenance, or assembly work. A unique riser platform is installed on the main deck and the lift can be equipped with a jet engine cradle or circular steps to encompass the circumference of the engine and provide access on all sides.

Engine Work Platform

The unit is equipped with pneumatic tires with roller bearing mounted wheels for mobility and steering; it can be towed or self-propelled. The deck has foldable steps for ground level access, 42″ high railings on all sides, and a self-closing entry gate. Sections of the railing can be folded or removed to clear the path of any obstacles.

The capacities available are 1,000 lb. to 10,000 lb. Lifting is hydraulically operated and the hydraulic system is equipped with safety relief valves to prevent overloading. A variety of power sources are available such as 110 volts & 220 volts AC single phase, 220-440 volts 3-phase, air powered for hazardous duty operations, diesel engine, or propane-operated engine.

The deck size of the unit shown in the picture is 96″ wide with 36″ leaf extension, 20′ long with 14′ of lift height. Other sizes are available from 60″ to 144″ wide and 72″ to 480″ in length and vertical lift up to 46′ height.

The higher lift units are equipped with stabilizing outriggers that telescope out from under the unit. Another option available is a telescopic deck extension along the length or width. This unit will provide safe efficient operation, improve performance, and save time.