Zero-Low Deck for Food Processing

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Industrial Equipment | 0 comments

A customer in the food industry was looking for a way to raise food carts that had bags of sugar on them to make it easier for the operator to unload them. The full cart would weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds. They needed something with a small foot print that could be rolled on at Zero-Low height. The lift also had to be suitable for a sanitary environment due to the sensitive food processing application. Our Zero-Low 3-Point Entry Lift Table was a great solution for this need. We also made the necessary provisions to make it suitable for wash-down such as stainless steel structural construction and hydraulic cylinder. The electrical and hydraulic system was also built with wash-down components. The customer wanted a way to lock the carts to the lift so we designed cut-outs in each of the four corners so that the lift will engage the bottom of the cart without the wheels as it raises. This is another successful and innovative solution done by Air Technical Industries!!

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Stainless Steel Zero-Low 3-Point Entry Lift Table