Zero-Low Lift Streamlines Medical Manufacturing

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Industrial Equipment | 0 comments

An OEM in the medical equipment industry came to us for a lifting solution at their regional service center. What they wanted to accomplish was to provide for a more efficient, safe and productive procedure and environment for repairing/upgrading ultrasound equipment. These devices are mounted on permanent skids with caster wheels, so our Zero-Low lift table was a natural solution allowing their technicians to wheel the equipment onto the ground level lift table safely and with ease thereby immediately improving ergonomics. And by choosing double-acting lift cylinders, productivity was further enhanced.

Secondly, their process/production lines change regularly and their service lift areas have to move with those lines. Rather than using pit-mounted lifts that would leave holes in the floor, once again, the Zero-Low lift tables improved versatility as well as safety, being able to move to different workstations based on changing production processes.

Finally, we customized our tables with safety skirts, holding valves and a heavy duty cycle package that exceeded their safety requirements and added to the longevity and value of the lift tables.